Where Technology Meets Innovation To Help You Reach Your Vision

We are GR-Tech; a growing Software Development and New Age Technology company providing outsourcing services that adds value to your business. At GR-Tech, we partner with you to help imagine, execute and accelerate your digital transformation journey.


If you are looking to drive innovation, we’ll help you get things started with a collaborative planning engagement that keeps the focus on driving business value and ROI.


We design, build and maintain custom software applications that help solve your toughest problems, fit seamlessly into your current processes and systems and produce measurable results for your business.


After we deliver, we’ll keep things running smoothly so you can focus on your business. We’ll set up a production environment for your applications and oversee security, server updates, performance monitoring, nightly backups and regular maintenance of features, bug fixes and changes.

Partnering with Global Enterprises and New-Age Companies

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Your business is unique.

We tailor our services to treat it that way!

We deliver high performance services to help your business embrace innovation and tackle the ever-changing challenges of today’s digital world. Designed to meet your specific needs, our services capture and deliver business value in a cost-effective manner.

Web Development

Web applications development is the core of our business. We create beautiful, fast and secure web applications tailored exclusively for your business goals.

Software Development

GR Tech offers powerful software development intended to meet our customers’ unique demands. We have the skills, and the resources to build custom software that makes it easier for your business to thrive in competitive markets.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile devices are to the world today what the internet was years ago.We intensively work on creating applications for mobile platforms, such as iOS and Android and perform their integration with the server side.

Branding & Graphic Design

If your organization needs to brand, market or advertise, then you need graphic designers to help you get started. With GRTech, you can build brand identity & propel awareness of your products.

Search Engine Optimization

With a team of experienced professionals, we provide SEO services to our clients. Our specialists help you get ranked higher by making your website SEO-friendly and your content worthy of featured position.

Social media Services

Our team knows how significant marketing is for your business. Our social media team works on telling your brand story. From providing creative strategy, campaign management, community management to performance marketing, we cover all aspects of social media management.

More than 3 years in the game and we’re just getting started!

GR-Tech is a full-service technology consulting, design and development firm with offices in Mississauga, Canada, Chicago, USA and Karachi, Pakistan. KitelyTech was started as a company to set industry standards: a full-service technology firm setting trends in web design, web development, branding, mobile application development, custom software, and SEO services. Share your challenge with us, and we’ll work with you to deliver a revolutionary digital product.

Why Choose Us?

Driving Sustainable High Performance with Innovation, Commitment & Timely Delivery

Since 2017, we are enabling our clients to execute at speed and scale. Delivering innovative Software Solutions to help you succeed now and seed future growth.

01. Right Expertise and Skills

We are a team of highly skilled professionals who have expertise in diverse Business and Technology areas To provide world class service, we employ the best developers, adhere to proven methodology, provide superior client service and become a true business partner in every project

02. Commitment to Quality

Quality of service is key to our success. We listen to our clients carefully and provide space, time and materials according to the agreed scope of the project. We are proud of our Technical and Creative capability and this emerges from taking time to get it right.

03. On Time Delivery

We are committed to providing services on time. We therefore invest time up-front to clearly understand your needs and then manage projects to ensure they are delivered on time and within budget.

04. Competitive Pricing

We provide services to our clients at a very competitive price depending on the scope of work mutually decided by our clients.

We are trusted by more than 3600+ clients.

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Want to have a professional project? Let’s talk about it.

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