Internet of Things the new normal?

Internet of Thing also written as IoT refers to the billions of devices that are connected through the internet all gathering and exchanging data. Thanks to the availability of cheap computer chips and wireless networks, the number of devices in each household increased. Using all this excess of information, connecting different objects adds some sort of intelligence thus, allowing them to process real-time data without human engagement. The internet of things is making the system of the world smaller and smarter by reducing the gap between the digital, and the physical universe

Internet of things have transformed our lives, here are a few applications of IoT

  • Smart Home: “Smart Home” one of the most searched IoT affiliated google keyword, has become one of the most successful in the residential areas. It’s predicted that smart homes will become as conventional as smartphones. Wouldn’t you love to turn off your lights after you’ve left or turned on the air conditioning before you reach home after a long day at work? Owning a house is one of the biggest expenses for almost anyone however smart home products promise us to save time, money, energy and to deliver experiences never seen before.
  • Industrial Internet: Also known as the industrial internet of things (IIoT), is enabling engineers to create exceptional machines using software, data analytics and much more. Applications for tracking goods or information change about inventory stocks increase supply chain efficiency. The ideology behind this is that machines are more accurate and reliable than humans which in turn helps organizations to resolve inefficiencies quicker.
  • Agriculture: With the constant growth of the population, there also comes a rise in demand for food. Governments are subsiding the food market areas while helping farmers use to advance research methods to increase food supply. Farmers are using important data for the research to get better yield each year, controlling water usage, nutrients, soil moisture are some of the simple uses of IoT
  • Power Supply: Smart grids is becoming a highly popular concept around the world. Future grids are not only going to be smart but also reliable. The general concept behind smart grids is automatically collecting data and analyzing consumer consumption. Smart grids would also be able to detect issues much quicker such as power outages at household levels.
  • Cars: The automotive industry has been focused on increasing internal functionality however recently, it is shifting towards increasing the user’s in-car experience. Cars now would be able to optimize their workings, maintenance and comfort for the passengers on board using the in-built sensors and the internet. Brands like Tesla and Google are bringing about the next evolution in cars.
  • Retail: The potential of IoT in retail is immense. The chance for retailers to connect with the consumers allows increasing in-store experience. Smartphones would be the way for retailers to stay connected with their customers, using beacon technology can help them serve customers better. They can also monitor customer paths throughout a store and improve store design to put premium products in high traffic areas.

As the number of devices rise, our daily lives will become filled with smart objects as long as we are ready to accept the security tradeoffs. Some will welcome the new era while others will long for the old days