Role of emerging languages and technologies in today's world

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Innovations in technology are constantly on the rise. When making trunk calls took 15 minutes and having to deal with the operators was a separate issue. Today, with a single tap on your smart phone, you can connect with people across the globe.

The speed at which technology is growing is constantly rising and a lot of it is thanks to the software that’s goes into these devices which make our life’s easier. Software development is becoming the backbone to the computer world.

Python, a general-purpose coding language is predicted to rise along with AI and MI developments. From ML research to video game development to web development, Python has shown to be a popular and consistently used language. Python is predicted to continue its steady growth alongside ML and AI developments, particularly for impressive innovations including ML-powered chatbots. The view of the “fastest-growing” language can be hard to pin down however, data suggests that Python may just pull it off. Not only is Python used for numerous fields and jobs but has a low barrier of entry, encouraging community which is being taken up by the new generation of developers

Over the past few years, app developers have realized the cons of mobile apps and websites which gave birth to Progressive Web Apps (PWA) which happens to be the middle ground between the two. Since they are easy to develop, maintain and can be loaded fast even over low internet speeds, it attracted many mobile app development companies. Companies such as Microsoft and Google invested significantly in this technology and data suggests that AliExpress even increased the conversion rate by 104% and a 74% increase in time spent per session. Rather than spending money and time on building mobiles, progressive web apps seem to be a much better option as these are developed quicker and provide similar or more benefits.

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